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Welcome. This website strives to educate clients on the options for alternative and traditional approaches to conflict resolution and legal solutions. It also provides information for nonprofit organizations that need strategic planning or other services.

Bill McNaught is a collaborative lawyer, legal counselor, trial attorney, mediator, nonprofit counselor & consultant, and creatively minded problem solver who offers both alternative, traditional, and quasi-traditional approaches to a wide variety of concerns and conflicts to clients in the San Antonio, Texas area.

Providing Quality Legal Services
in the San Antonio Texas area
for over 30 years

Collaborative Family Law Services:

a client-centered approach
a safe and supportive professional structure in a private setting and non hostile environment
uses affiliated legal, financial, emotive, and other professionals for best post divorce relationships
operates outside of a contentious public court system.
an alternative process in the Texas Family Code
satisfies the public policy of this state
allows healthy, safe, wholesome and peaceful resolution of disputes involving parents & children, and family relationships.
direct, resourceful, efficient, proactive, client centered and counseling-based, emotionally healthy way to dissolve relationships.

Traditional Services: General Advice, Consultation, and Services on Legal Issues:

Conflict Resolution: Litigation, mediation, negotiations, work outs
Resolving Family Law issues in a constructive manner
Crafting Wills & navigating the Probate process
Advising nonprofit and business clients on conflict resolution, regulatory, compliance, and planning
Evaluating legal and practical options in contracts, real estate, business practices, commercial transactions
Educating clients to make informed decisions in their best interests
Generating ideas, assessing options, alternatives, and consequences
Representing clients in conflict resolution, in negotiations, mediations, financial workouts, in cases in civil courts, and general litigation.

Traditional Family Law Services:

Child Custody
Property Settlement
Hearings & Trial Proceedings in Family Law
Modification of Existing Orders
Experienced, Professional, Client Based Services at Reasonable Rates

Providing Quality Nonprofit Services for over 10 years

Strategic Planning:

Organizational Overview:
Mission, Finance, Capacity, and Governance
Vision for the Organization
Organizational History and Context:
Strengths/Weaknesses/ Opportunities /Threats
Evaluation of Current Programs: Competitive analysis:
Core Strategies for Future Sustainability:
Administrative/ Financial/ Governance Priorities
Short and long term changes for success and sustainability

The Capacity Building Process:

History and Direction of the Organization
Financial Posture, Position, Practices:
Leadership in decision making and operations
Environmental Resources
Technical Abilities
Fundraising/Development abilities
Operational and collateral Evaluations:
Brainstorming to identify and resolve shortcomings
Written Plans to address the capacity issues with timelines and assignments


Geographic Areas for Service

Local: Mr. McNaught serves Collaborative Family Law and Traditional Law clients in the south-central Texas area of San Antonio, and including the Hill Country areas of Bexar County, Kendall County, Comal County, Guadalupe County and all cities within these counties. Some Collaborative Family Law clients are in other areas of Texas.

National: He also serves nonprofit clients within the State of Texas and nationwide for Strategic Planning and Capacity Building sessions and related nonprofit services

McNaught Collaborative Family Law and Nonprofit Services


Collaborative Family Law:

"We used collaborative law because of the benefits we got for our family. We had a neutral finance person to take us through the numbers objectively so we could accept the reality of our financial situation. Other divorcing couples are backward looking and want a third party to referee the past years of their lives. In this process we talk about the future and what needs to happen down the road to make better lives."


"Bill was a caring professional who helped us through a difficult process in a positive way. He got the job done really well without bad emotions dominating decision making. He knows his stuff and helped us get to a better outcome. We thank him for that."


"The Directors have learned to provide better leadership and effective oversight. This has led to an open and transparent process where the Board assessed and substantially improved organizational health and exercised sound, reasoned, deliberate, prudent, and effective judgment as a collaborative team."

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Collaborative Family Law Services

Smart Divorce: Safe and Supportive
Protect Children in Collaborative Family Law
Private & Constructive Process within Texas Family Code
Collaborative Family Law
Client Centered Process

Traditional Legal Services:

Traditional Services:

Family Law
General Litigation
Wills & Probate
Business Disputes
Consumer Conflicts

Traditional Family Law Services:

Child Custody
Property Settlement
Hearings & Trial Proceedings in Family Law
Modification of Existing Orders
Experienced, Professional, Client Based Services at Reasonable Rates

Nonprofit Services

NPO Consulting Services

Strategic Planning Services
Capacity Building Services
Board Orientation and Training
Mission and Visioning
Protecting Nonprofit Status
Best Practices for Governing Organizations
Nonprofit Legal Services
Short and Long Term Sustainability

Providing Quality Legal Services for over 30 years