Strategic Planning Services

If your organization needs professional and meaningful Strategic Planning or Capacity Building Services that unify your organization and marshal your resources through written action plans, Bill McNaught can help. He can work with you to increase the organization’s positive impact on communities.

Strategic planning involves effective governance, financial oversight, collaborative processes, organizational management, nonprofit leadership, fundraising & promotion, legal and regulatory compliance, and operational oversight. This process results in a well crafted written plan to steer the organization, set objectives, and energize the mission for years into the future.

The Strategic Plan guides decision making for both short-term and long-term priorities; helps the organization to allocate resources; is understandable by people who have not participated in the development of the plan; adapts behaviors to the organization's internal and external environments; is developed from a consensus and buy-in building process; and will be formally adopted by the board to determine the future direction of the organization.

A Statement from Mr. McNaught:

I can help your team focus on infrastructure, operations, fundraising, board empowerment and authority, organizational motivation, and inspiration to champion meaningful causes.

I have conducted many Strategic Planning Sessions with established, start up, or growing nonprofit organizations to achieve their Mission and to increase their impact on individuals and communities in positive ways. I can provide strategic planning and assessment along with executive coaching to keep targeted efforts ongoing through prudent guidance, advice, and counsel. In this process, the Board will work as a valuable team player in collaboration with stakeholders to advance your organizations purpose.

I share philanthropic values, have strong interpersonal skills, a professional demeanor, and have experience as a volunteer, nonprofit legal counsel, executive director, and organizational manager. I am very well organized, self motivated, have strong work ethics, excellent communication skills, a collegial attitude, and a good sense of humor.

I am certified in Nonprofit Management and Leadership by the University of Texas at San Antonio. I am a talented professional, capable writer, interesting presenter, and effective speaker.

I offer a passion and unique skill set that will translate into effective Strategic Plans for your nonprofit organization. These services will improve working relationships within the organization, guide boards to improve effective oversight, increase corporate capacity, build intelligent and data based strategies, and help you achieve objectives.

If you are looking for someone who can provide significantly meaningful strategic planning and counseling services for nonprofits, I can give you the benefit of years of experience. Please let me know if I can be of service, now or in the future, to you, your board, or your organization.

Mr. McNaught provides a wide range of helpful services, practical advice, counseling, consulting, coaching, and legal services for nonprofits.

Strategic Planning Involves:

Organizational Overview: Mission, Finance, Capacity, Governance

Vision for the Organization

Organizational History and Context:

Strengths/Weaknesses/ Opportunities /Threats

Evaluation of Current Programs: Competitive analysis:

Core Strategies for Future Sustainability:

Administrative/ Financial/ Governance Priorities

Short and long term changes for success and sustainability:

Strategic Planning
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